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Freud is famous for portraying religion as a collective neurosis of mankind. He argued that religious beliefs give expression to wish-fulfilling.

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A taxonomic backbone for the global synthesis of species diversity in the angiosperm order Caryophyllales. A revision of the Chamaesyce deltoidea Euphorbiaceae complex of southern Florida. Molecular phylogenetics and evolution Phylogeny of the Centaurea group Centaurea, Compositae —geography is a better predictor than morphology. Sympatric parallel diversification of major oak clades in the Americas and the origins of Mexican species diversity. Carcinogenicity in rats of ptaquiloside isolated from bracken. List of plants in my Florida herbarium.

The North American species of Oplismenus. Manual of the Grasses of the West Indies. Validation of generic names in Lycopodiaceae: Phylogenetics and the evolution of major structural characters in the giant genus Euphorbia L. Some Guttiferae of the Lesser Antilles. Flora of the Lesser Antilles. Three Experiences with the Manchineel Hippomane spp. Flora of the Lesser Antilles, vol. Systematics of Trichostema L. A "new" species of native Florida orchid? The Calusa and prehistoric subsistence in central and south Gulf Coast Florida.

Journal of Anthropological Archaeology The four subspecies of Arisaema triphyllum.

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An updated phylogeny and infrageneric classification of the genus Sisyrinchium Iridaceae: Challenges of molecular and morphological evidence. Mediterranean origin and Miocene—Holocene Old World diversification of meadow fescues and ryegrasses Festuca subgenus Schedonorus and Lolium. Consolida and Aconitella are an annual clade of Delphinium Ranunculaceae that diversified in the Mediterranean basin and the Irano-Turanian region.

A phylogeny of Delphinieae Ranunculaceae shows that Aconitum is nested within Delphinium and that Late Miocene transitions to long life cycles in the Himalayas and Southwest China coincide with bursts in diversification. Linnaean sources and concepts of orchids. Specificity of fungal associations of Pyroleae and Monotropa hypopitys during germination and seedling development. The role of peltate scales in desiccation tolerance of Pleopeltis polypodioides. A monograph of the genus Ageratum L. Florida's Garden of Good and Evil. Molecular phylogeny and systematics of the genus Draba Brassicaceae and identification of its most closely related genera.

A taxonomic study of the American species of Agarista Ericaceae. Phylogeny of Euclinia and allied genera of Gardenieae Rubiaceae , and description of Melanoxerus, an endemic genus of Madagascar. The endangered Florida pondweed Potamogeton floridanus is a hybrid: Why we need to understand biodiversity thoroughly.

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Floristic Synthesis of North America, Version 1. A new combination in Spermacoce Rubiaceae and lectotypification of Borreria terminalis. Systematic occurrence of raphide crystals in Araceae. A phylogeny of Setaria Poaceae, Panicoideae, Paniceae and related genera based on the chloroplast gene ndhF.

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A taxonomic reevaluation of Aristida stricta Poaceae using anatomy and morphology. Phylogeny of Magnoliaceae based on ten chloroplast DNA regions. A review and a new typification proposal. Transoceanic drift and the domestication of African bottle gourds in the Americas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences New generic concepts and a new subfamily in Aizoaceae.

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High-throughput sequencing data clarify evolutionary relationships among North American Vitis species and improve identification in USDA Vitis germplasm collections. American Journal of Botany. Hydrocharitaceae from central Brazil: Identification of morphological characteristics in St.

Augustinegrass and zoyisagrass cultivars during establishment and growing under shade and sun. Russulaceae associated with mycoheterotroph Monotropa uniflora Ericaceae in Tlaxcala, Mexico: A phylogenetic framework for the Hylocereeae Cactaceae and implications for the circumscription of the genera.

Cyperaceae of tropical America: How apomictic taxa are treated in current taxonomy: Reconstruction of phylogenetic relationships in a highly reticulate group with deep coalescence and recent speciation Hieracium, Asteraceae. University of Florida Press, Gainesville. Phylogenetic position and revised classification of Acacia s. Mimosoideae in Africa, including new combinations in Vachellia and Senegalia. A synopsis of Thai Nymphaeaceae. Nordic Journal of Botany Phylogeny, classification, and fruit evolution of the species-rich Neotropical bellflowers Campanulaceae: Occurence of species of Polycarpaea Lam.

Caryophyllaceae in North America. University of Florida, Gainesville. Taxonomic changes in C3 Cyperus Cyperaceae supported by molecular data, morphology, embryography, ontogeny and anatomy. Plant Ecology and Evolution Towards a new classification of the giant paraphyletic genus Cyperus Cyperaceae: Morphological, phylogenetic, and ecological diversity of the new model species Setaria viridis Poaceae: Paniceae and its close relatives. Splitting Caldesia in favour of Albidella Alismataceae.

Phyllanthus debilis Phyllanthaceae newly reported for North America. Phylogeographic history of the woodwardioid ferns, including species from the Himalayas. A remarkable new species of Liparis Orchidaceae from China and its phylogenetic implications. Biogeographic and taxonomic implications. Differences in bark thickness among populations of baldcypress Taxodium distichum [L. Apocynaceae—Asclepiadoideae —a controversial generic circumscription reconsidered: Evidence from trnL-F spacers.

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  6. Atlas of United States Trees. Slash pine Pinus elliottii , its nomenclature and varieties. Journal of Forestry Slash pine Pinus elliottii , including south Florida slash pine nomenclature and description.

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    Strong phylogenetic signals and phylogenetic niche conservatism in ecophysiological traits across divergent lineages of Magnoliaceae. Fatty acids and B-carotene in Australian purslane Portulaca oleracea varities. Expanded phylogenetic and dating analyses of the apples and their relatives Pyreae, Rosaceae.

    The invasion Of Carrotwood Cupaniopsis anacardioides in Florida natural areas. A Flora of Tropical Florida. University of Miami Press, Coral Gables.

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    Chemical contents of stinging trichomes of Cnidoscolus texanus. The reproductive biology of Lygodium microphyllum and L. Biology of Canadian weeds. A new subfamily classification of the Leguminosae based on a taxonomically comprehensive phylogeny. Proposal to conserve the name Myrcia against Calyptranthes Myrtaceae. Phylogenetics, morphology and evolution of the large genus Myrcia s. Ericaceae of the southeastern United States.

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    Identity and origins of introduced and native Azolla species in Florida. Taxonomic revision of the Opuntia humifusa complex Opuntieae: Cactaceae of the eastern United States. Phylogeny and circumscription of Antillean Anemotrochus, gen. New combinations and names in Lysimachia Myrsinaceae for species of Anagallis, Pelletiera and Trientalis. How to handle speciose clades?