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Thus, Twitter has lit up with speculation that Paramount Pictures tweaked Maverick's iconic jacket in reflexive pandering to Beijing. So, the speculation is: This little change was made to appease the Chinese government, which considers Taiwan a renegade Chinese province and has a tense relationship with Tokyo. Well, first things first : Good eye, nerds! Good job and good catch.

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Shout out to the nerds. And lastly : It shows that China has a significant amount of soft influence, and Chinese industries have a lot of money at their command. Top Gun: Maverick was financed in part by the film division of Tencent , an enormous Chinese internet firm. Was the bomber jacket patch swapped because Tencent is paying for the movie's production?

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  • Probably not. Did the producers want to make sure the movie didn't irk the Chinese government's film censors, and pre-emptively made the change?

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    Anyway, I will see this new movie. Will Val Kilmer be in this one too? Granted, this occurred because the scene was a pick-up and McGillis had dyed her hair for her next role, but it is not a good look. Not the song, mind you, the theme of the song. Then he drives away.

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    • Tom Cruise was as unblemished as a newly born kitten 34 years ago and not much has changed?
    • It was a pick-up and her hair was a different color. I want you to try to imagine this movie without the love scene which is awkward in its own way now that I know about the McGillis lesbian rumors and the elevator scene. Charlie is naturally fine with this. There is a fine line between being an instinctively great pilot without a great comprehension of the fundamentals of flying and being a liability.

      Because this is what guys do. Ice is the one speaking the truth.

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      Of all the ridiculously questionable moves that Maverick has made over the course of the movie, the one time someone dies, he has nothing to do with it…. Maverick is presently yelling at him about a half inch from his face. Not only are there pay phones, but the pay phones have rotary dials. Maverick is sipping ice water and sweating up a storm.

      How can you be this good, this cocky and this much of a quitter? Even McGillis has this one him… which is truly saying something. During the course of his conversation with Viper, it also becomes apparent that the Top Gun Academy holds their graduation ceremony on a Monday during the middle of the day.

      His classmates are there too. Less than 24 hours after graduating, the pilots have managed to get from San Diego to a carrier thousands of miles away AND are rested enough and not jet-lagged to fly a very serious mission. I mean, in the midst of the Cold War, would it have been that problematic to just have mentioned that the bad guys were communist or Soviets?

      The only marking on the planes worth noting is a red star that appears on the stick, the console and the pilots uniforms. Given the fact that the action takes place in middle of the Indian Ocean, it seems like quite a stretch though to suggest that the enemies are Russian, given how far Russia is from the Indian Ocean. Iceman saves his hugging for Maverick.

      This is substantially worse than when Anthony Edwards was standing next to Cruise. Suffice it to say, fighter piloting is the reverse NBA. You can grow your way right out of it. Apply this to any other type of graduation and the results will amaze you.

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      Cruise is dead last in this one. The most interesting nickname is Rabbi. Hmmmm… I wonder how that pilot got that nickname? Box Office Round Up — January 13 — 15, Box Office Round Up — December 23 — 25, Box Office Round Up — December 16 — 18, Box Office Round Up — December 10 — 12, Box Office Round Up — December 3 — 5, Box Office Round Up — November 24 — 27, Box Office Round Up — November 11 — 13, Box Office Round Up — November 4 — 6,