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The coms devices were connected to the B-Squad frequency so they could communicate with each other and with the US base. The first voice they heard through the coms was that of their Squadron Major.

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He spoke only to The Jedi who was leading the field teams but all could hear his voice. I'm sending it to you now.

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His device jumped to its Map Application. The little red dot showed him the location of the hit. The display at the top told him the distance. Six miles. A short jog would see the blue spot, which was his iPhone, move towards the red.

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The rock band were not as fit as they should be and had swapped training for partying, to keep up the persona of course. Luke new it wouldn't be an easy run through the trees of the forest in the pitch black. The dense forest would not welcome an eight-man team so he opted for NV Night Vision goggles. Each member did as he instructed and dawned their goggles over their balaclavas.

Inside the wood they were invisible. They travelled light.

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Their gear on them, their weapons carried. Everything else was left on the bus. Apart from Flipper who carried a GM94 Grenade Launcher they all carried M4s readied with a round in its chamber and the safety catch on. They took turns carrying the roll of spikes that they would use to stop the vehicles and on they went.

Jogging through the forest they breathed heavy into the coms but said nothing. Terry felt a sense of pride and commitment as he stood tall and in command sporting the eye patch that earned him the name Rooster. The Analysts all sat at their desks and he surveyed the large semi-circular screen that had on it a satellite image of the area and a bunch of blue dots tracking the iPhones of each member along with a green dot tracking the vehicles containing the precious cargo.

That was an easy trace. Becca was flirting with one of the rebels and had been texting him naughty messages the night before he set off so with his mobile phone number he was easy to track and so they knew exactly where the missiles were at any given point. The imagery however was poor as it was night. Black roads were surrounded by black fields and even blacker masses of trees but on the screen was displayed the spot where the ambush would take place and Terry watched as the blue dots got closer and the green dot, travelling faster would get there shortly after. On the ground Luke's team stopped more times than the one led by Spanners.

She was fast and nimble and urged her team on with commands under her breath. Her team were the roadies and whilst they partied with the rock stars they did so with less excess and were used to humping heavy equipment. When they arrived at the destination set by Terry, Luke's team were more ready for a sleep than an attack but they readied their weapons and listened for their orders.

The Jedi told them to sit tight. Their job was to hit the second vehicle, a truck which contained ammo and supplies for the rebels.

The main target was a long-wheel-based lorry loaded with missiles and with a cab containing three rebels leading the way. A perfect spot for an ambush, thought The Jedi, but before he could position his team on the other side of the road he heard the vehicles approach. A player like Sachin Baby may look out of place in a batting line-up like Royal Challengers Bangalore, but if his job is to ensure that Chris Gayle, Shane Watson, Travis Head, de Villiers and Virat Kohli face more balls, his value is greater than his runs.

When Kohli smashed Australia in the World T20 this year, MS Dhoni wanted credit for all the twos he helped steal to add to Kohli's total and keep him on strike. At the moment, cricket is still trying to work out how many extra runs non-striking batsmen are worth, meaning that Woodhill is guessing, rather than knowing. Which player in the Big Bash runs the quickest three? Which bowler has the most successful slower ball? Who has the fastest hand speed? Which player fumbles the least? Which fast bowler saves the most runs in the field?

Which players only hit boundaries when the ball is new? How many balls at the start of an innings does each player need to hit their first boundary? A lot of these are simple things that American sports, and even domestic sports like Australian Rules and Rugby League would have access to. And that's before you get to fun stuff like the probability of a player playing a good shot compared to a bad one. What kind of things can we learn about a batsman or captain using spatio-temporal pattern recognition?

These are things that draft camps might tell you, that you would ideally want to learn before picking players, that cricket is still trying to find answers to.

Woodhill doesn't have all the answers. Some he wishes he does, others he wishes he had the staff to prepare answers for him. CA still don't have a great big analytic lab.

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Most of cricket's data comes from a few companies that have limited funding, and without open-sourcing of data, cricket can't have the big leap forward that baseball and basketball have had. Something like that would massively help cricket, but since the sport won't pay for its umpiring technology system, we're a way off a yearly cricket science conference. For now, Woodhill relies on the tiny bits of data he gets and hopes that he finds things that other teams aren't yet looking for.

Without access to MIT scientists, Woodhill improvised by crowdsourcing via social media. He uses the new cricket media, from professional writers to amateur tweeters, to question his beliefs. Without a front office to bounce ideas off, he might do that with a random tweeter, or he might read a blog by someone that makes him rethink a belief he had. For his way to work, he needs not only to call bullshit on the old ways, but also on new ways of doing it that may just be wrong. Being that so many people in cricket are claiming to be moneyballing, and so many teams aren't very good, it is easy for many critics to laugh at how often the term comes up.

Most critics just think it's all nonsense.

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There are bound to be missteps when you are mainly trying to use another sport's evolution to force your own. Not every team has the intelligence of Andy Flower and Nathan Leamon. The two teams Woodhill works for, Bangalore and Stars, both came second last season. And his list for Stars was so good, they signed the same list again this year. And it is that list that has them as favourites for this year's tournament. Right now cricket's moneyballing is more Mick Lewis than Michael Lewis.

Woodhill is one of a very small crew of list managers in Australia, and world cricket.

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He is just an amateur, playing with the beginnings of a professional structure, and he knows it. He has no idea if what he is doing is correct, but he is using the best current thinking to make his decisions. Which is at least a step towards a new age. Whether Woodhill's methods will be proved right or wrong we don't know, but what he is doing has been working, and the more it works, the more list managers, hands-on general managers and data we'll see in cricket. The lazy ex-players might call bullshit on the new ways, but that is their opinion.

Woodhill's more interested in facts. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies? Trent Woodhill's brave new, data-driven world. Live Report - India v Bangladesh, 1st Test. Four questions for Bangladesh. Burns, Head and Bancroft named in Australia squad. Pucovski withdraws from Test reckoning citing mental health issues. Pink ball will bring fast bowlers into the game - Virat Kohli. Indore faces test of its Big Five aspirations.